Hey look at me, I’m posting gaming news with a cut-off so I don’t make this page more huge than it already is.

So I’m sure some of you have heard of that new game thats due out, Rock Band.

You probably will have if you’re a Guitar Hero fan in any way shape or form. I’d talk about it, but why use words when I can just spam embedded youtube links all over the place:

LOL YOUTUBE REMOVED TEH VIDEO!!!!!!!!11111 I’m sure you can use google-fu to find it.

OK, I guess one video isn’t spamming. Still though, the geeeeeetars and microphones aren’t anything new but the drums certainly look interesting enough to thrash a song out or eight on. I can see this being on of those games where the more drunk you get the fun ratio increases exponentially. What could be better than drunken karaoke with your own (drunken) band to back you up? Not that I’m saying you should be drunk to play this though, it just seems like an inevitability, really. Surely there can’t be any problems with a game like this?

Well, apart from what I’ve heard it’ll cost you a metric ass-load of money to get the full setup for this. Oh well. Of course I’m saying this as I’ve had my work hours cut back and therefore getting less money, your mileage may vary.

RE: Soul Calibur Legends, I’ll let the article on CVG speak for itself (because I don’t have any videos to spam):

Soul Calibur is punching its way to Wii in a new adventure-based game dubbed Soul Calibur Legends. Many thought the game was being toned down with the new ‘adventure game’ focus but Namco’s making the game as brutal as ever by placing an emphasis on weapon-based combat that uses the Wii Remote.

* * *

So how can we expect the Remote to be used? “By swinging the Wii Remote as players please, in-game characters will perform the exact sword actions that players are thinking of,” Okubo added. “The Nunchuk is mainly used for body movement, but by shaking the Nunchuk it’s also possible to block incoming attacks, evade dangerous situations, and to perform other unique moves. And there are various moves that can only be pulled off by combining Nunchuk and Wii Remote actions.”

Do Want? Presuming of course that your wild thrashes with the Wiimote actually marry up with the attacks your character pulls off. Didn’t Red Steel promise a similar thing? Still, if they can get this working properly then SCL should be pretty fancy. Of course I’ll still need to buy an extra Wiimote and Nunchuk first. Stupid money!