Seriously. I can’t see how anybody can take this “MMO” or “game” or “online

porn simulator” seriously anymore. Once again, I’ll let the article do the talking, with a few select quotes:

On Tuesday, his company, Eros, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court claiming the avatar known as Volkov Catteneo has violated the trademark on one of his devices called a Sex Gen. Eros claims the avatar has made unauthorized copies of the device and is selling it for a profit.
* * *
“I don’t just do sexual positions,” Alderman said. “I also do cuddles and kisses and fun things.” But the sex is “what people want,” he added. “I give them what they want. I’m an entrepreneur.”
* * *
Although one online site referred to him as an Internet porn mogul, Alderman said he doesn’t do pornography. “I’m a toy maker,” Alderman explained. “I’m an erotic Geppetto.”

It’s quite possible that last sentence has ruined the once magical (back in the olden days) film Pinnochio forever. Now I see Geppetto, and I get the wonderful image of not just Pinnochio’s wooden nose growing. THANK YOU, INTERNET.

I’m not sure whats worse here, though. The fact that a guy is getting actual, tangible money for selling a virtual sex toy, or the legions of people that are buying it. Using actual, tangible money. For a virtual sex toy. Surely your money would be better spent getting on t’internet and ordering something tangible? I like the word tangible.

Desperate people call for desperate measures?