So I’ve gotten into playing DS games over WiFi again, and I just remembered why I stopped. Turns out, NiWiFi appears to be full of sore losers and lameass kids. You know the kind I mean, the kids who disconnect as soon as you show any semblance of getting a lead. Or those who abuse exploits in the game to “win” (I’m considering snaking in Mario Kart an exploit because I fukken hate it and its cheap), or those who just hack the game and cheat. I’d have thought there would be controls in place against hacking, but what do I know.

I know its enough to stop me even going on the Matchmaking services. I usually only play friend games now, but those only happen once in a blue moon and everybody is playing pokeymans now it seems anyway, which I don’t plan on getting. Speaking of matchmaking, has anybody noticed how totally crap it is for Nintendo? I don’t play many games on it because of the previously mentioned kids, but really. Is is that hard to matchmake (totally a word) me against somebody I might actually have a chance of a good game with? All I seem to get is people with 325590 games played and about as many wins. Whats up with that? Then again, matchmaking is run by Gamespy so I hear who have a reputation with me for being beyond shit anyway. Gamespy arcade is just a horrible, horrible program. And Fileplanet. They used to be cool before introducing that queueing shit.

I digress. I’m curious about Xbox live though, and their matchmaking thing. Is it really that good as everybody says? I haven’t really heard anything bad about it. I suppose I’ll find out eventually, I do plan on getting a 360 after a while because right now, as sexy as the Wii is there’s not exactly a throng of killer content out for it right now. Of course this could all change come Min-E3, but thats in a week or so and my Xbox purchasing days are months away.

Quick note about Wifi play on Wii, I picked up a copy of Mario Strikers a while back, and while its a good game the Wifi service is crap. Crappy matchmaking (still), which I have to use – if I actually wanted to play it, this puts me off and I know nobody else who has the game – and Friend Codes. Why? Whats the point in the Wii Code if you’re not going to do anything with it? The one thing that disappointed me most though was that within mere hours of WiFi going live, some saddo had already got around 600 games on it. I must have checked into it about 4 or 5 hours after it had gone live.

I could say something about PC games, but my computer is far too crappy to play anything post 2004.