OK so yeah I should really get a schedule or something for updating this because I never seem to have much time to write out a decent post. Well, except for this one. Bear in mind I’m not in any way suggesting this is a decent post, just for the record.

Also the ulterior motive here is that I need – well, not need per se – to test out Windows Live Writer, to see if that’s any better then using the WordPress editor which quite often likes to disregard my line breaks entirely, thus words end up scrolling behind my sidebar.

If you’re actually interested in giving WLW (beta) a spin, you can filch a copy from the Live Ideas Betas page. I said filch, not feltch. Filthy bastards. Well so far for this post it seems fairly decent, even if it does run a little slow on my computer. I can blame this on installing the program on a wristwatch, which is the equivalent power of my computer in today’s terms. I’d upgrade it my machine, but that’d just be like putting a carbon bodywork kit on a Trabant, or perhaps more glamourously, polishing a turd. Either way its a waste of time. I’d recommend trying it out because its actually quite a decent program.

In other news, I’m planning on throwing up a review of Custom Robo Arena sometime, when I finally stop playing it. I wouldn’t expect it very soon because apart from work, this game is the other thing that’s been devouring my free time. It’s not often a game will do that these days. The last time this happened was when I bought Paper Mario 2, and that was a superb game.

I miss the copious amounts of free time I used to have. Damn you, Time!