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You may recall in a previous post I mentioned a little thing called the “Till Closed” sign. Well, for no reason other than I feel like making a post about work, here is the sign in question:

Till Closed Sign

Ignore the shakycam footage, the Homebase Guy there and the Venus Fly Traps for a minute. Now, this particular image was taken from the average spot a customer will stand in before they mosey on over to my checkout.

Please tell me you can see that sign clearly, because a startlingly large percentage of customers cannot actually see that notice. Never mind the fact its bright orange, right at the front of the checkout, and says something to the effect of “THIS TILL IS CLOSED, PLEASE PAY AT CUSTOMER SERVICES.” In 72pt Comic Sans, no less. How is this difficult to see? People will stand there for – no joke – ages looking like they just beamed down from Saturn wondering where the cashier is to take their crazy Saturn Money. I will suggest to Nondescript Jim that from now on, all Homebase signage be rendered in Saturnese as well as English. Also, that the sign be changed from an A4 sheet of paper, to a colossal neon sign that flashes and shoots awesome lasers all over the goddamn place while playing “La Cucaracha”.

In other fluffier news, here is a cat:



So I took mo otspe ak – not “moots peak” – and ran it through some intertron doohickey that renders my posts into lolcats format.

To think, its not even Caturday yet! You can never fill your posts with enough cats, though. NEVER.

Not even then.

We will return to our regularly unscheduled updates shortly.