I’m going to go right ahead and blame the lack of posts on here on the fact that posting using 140 characters or less is easier than typing paragraphs upon paragraphs. Of course I shouldn’t forget video games, either. So many video games. 

Speaking of video games – what else do I speak of on here – I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on a genre I would never touch with a bargepole. Dawn of War plus expansions have been eating up time recently as has RTS-that-actually-works-on-a-console Halo Wars. I’d probably have bought Dawn of War 2, but I don’t trust this laptop to run it for any length of time without it turning into a pool of molten slag. I’ll have to look into it once I actually get the cash together to buy a beefy enough desktop machine. For some reason Dawn of War is actually holding my interest. Whether its the fact you don’t have to grind for resources, or that rushing with a single unit isn’t as effective (hello Starcraft) I’m actually having fun with an RTS game. I’d assume this is also the reason I’m having such fun with Halo Wars. All that tedious resource harvesting has been replaced with building structures that serve no purpose other than to give you a steady stream of cash for you to destroy more Heretics/Covenant/Xenos with. 

Thinking about it, Dawn of War and Halo Wars actually seem fairly similar. Both of the games have all but eliminated grinding for resources, rushes of a single unit type rarely ever work, and I can actually stand to play both of them. Something else that I actually rather like is the relatively low unit population you’re allowed, if only because it means turtling doesn’t seem as effective and that you really do need to have an evenly balanced army to stand a chance. It’s all well and good having a dozen Scorpion tanks, but what good is that when the other guy can easily decimate them all with a sqaudron of Banshees? Replace Scorpion tanks and Banshees with Dawn of War units as applicable.

One gripe about Halo Wars though, it’s all well and good playing through as the UNSC but a Covenant campaign wouldn’t be unwelcome either.

In retrospect, maybe two separate posts about both games would have been a better choice. But maybe I can save that for the next update! There’s going to be another update after this. Seriously!

don’t bet on it